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Get Involved


Get involved in fundraising, please contact the Manager, The Manager 01382-825624


Can you give some of your time – 2 hours? 20 hours a week? Want something to do during the Summer holidays or longer? We’ll be glad to see you – and so will our clients!

If you want to volunteer to gain work experience or to share your existing skills with others, we have a wide selection of volunteering vacancies:

'Ian R' and tatties

get involved

Give a demonstration – Flower arranging, Planting, Drawing, Painting, Card-making, Crocheting, Baking, Weaving

Facilitate - Dominoes, Card games, Reminiscing groups, Creative writing, Dancing, Singing groups, Boccia, Carpet bowls

Come and get involved, you'd be surprised how much fun you will have and I guarantee you will meet some of life's richest characters. 

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